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A unique visual experience of texture, sensuality and color.
Living Art by Carmine Warren – Designer, Artist, Stylist & Photographer .

Shoot The Look - What We Do!

Shoot the look creates images of Art. By blending handmade costumes designed and crafted by Carmine Warren and vintage inspired clothing of Kathryn Page Collection. Carmine will blend these items, add artistic paint to your body which adds color, depth and texture to you and become Living Art.   Paying close attention to makeup and accessories Carmine adds a fresh and unique perspective to living art. Each image is truly a visual experience that astonishes viewers.

Carmine Warren is excited to annouce Worbla as his officail Thermoplastic! With introduction of Worbla into his work, Carmine has developed the Dark Series. 6 Dark Fashion Art Creations that explore the Darker side with an elegant fashion flair. Combing differnt textures and handmade Worbla pieces. This series is a huge hit.

To learn more about Worbla click her to visit the Official Worbla Website.

To purchase Worbla click here and visit Cosplay Supplies!

Inquire today about being a work of art and creating an heirloom that will pass down to generations.


Shoot The Look is proud to be the exclusive photographer for the Kathryn Page Collection

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Creative Workshops

Blending Worbla and Body Paint

Creative Costumes

Made with Worbla Thermoplastic

Creative Costumes

Body Paint

Kathryn Page

Vintage Collection

Kathryn Page

Vintage Collection

Creative Costumes

Body Paint

Services Offered by Shoot The Look

Private Commissioned Living Art | Model Portfolio Consulting | Educational Photography Workshops

Private Commissioned Work – Ever wanted to be Art? Have a unique outfit designed just for you or use our limited edition pieces before they are retired and never to be used again. Your images are customized for you, you can go vintage to high fashion art and these creative images are printed on canvas and can be past down for generations. Contact us today for a consultation on becoming living art.

Model Portfolios – If you are new and starting off in the modeling world, contact us for a consultation. The modeling world is ever-changing and its more than just good images, you are a brand and you need to protect it. Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio building and branding who you are and what you do.

Educational Workshops – Giving back can sometimes be just as rewarding as creating; Shoot The Look hosts many different types of educational events. For new photographers who need help taking control of their cameras versus the camera taking control of you. Join us on our Cruise Workshop. As we sail to exotic locations on 7 & 8 day cruises. What better way to get exciting images and not have to make your bed.

We also offer creative educational events, Learn the art of Body Painting, Creative Costume Design and Studio lighting. Message us for more details or visit our page for more scheduled classes and free events.

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